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Skin Care


The Perfect Derma Peel is the only peel that includes the powerful anti-oxidant Glutathione, which neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals, slows down the aging process and helps prevent wrinkles. Kojic Acid is a powerful lightener proven to increase collagen and elastin production, resulting in firmer skin. TCA, Phenol and Retinoic Acid reduce wrinkles and correct pigment problems. Salicylic Acid exfoliates the skin and reduces inflammation.

The Perfect Derma Peel is safe for use on both the Face and Body areas. Sun Spots? Acne scars? Dull or aging complexion? The Perfect Derma Peel delivers real results for All Skin Types & Ethnicities.

Baby Foot Peel

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Prescription Creams/Serums

The Perfect A contains the acidic form of Vitamin A, which increases cellular turnover, thus improving skin tone and texture. The Perfect A is highly effective in treating wrinkles, acne and sun damaged skin.

The Perfect Bleaching Cream is a unique combination of professional strength ingredients with bioactive botanicals to restore even skin tone by lightening pigmentation irregularities.

The Perfect C contains 20% Vitamin C in its most stable form, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.

Mineral Perfection Tinted SPF 30 is smooth and non-greasy, with the tint is a universally flattering shade that blends into the complete range of Fitzpatrick skin types. It offers superior sun protection and may be used both post peel and every day, on the face and body. Mineral Perfection is a mineral (physical) based formula, and will not irritate or sting sensitive post peel skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Defen AgeLook up to 18 years younger in just 6 weeks!
Defensins are naturally-occurring peptides (short sequences of amino acids connected to each other) found in skin and the other organs. Scientists recently discovered the critical role selected defensins play in working together with the skin’s Master Stem Cells for wound repair. In addition, defensins play an important role in supporting skin immune function.

DefenAge is the first and only skincare line to utilize this breakthrough ingredient.

Designed to address specific, visible, age-related markers of maturing skin, our Age-Repair Defensins are protected and concentrated in a potent Liposomal System that helps them to do their vital work to correct multiple visible signs of aging. This is where younger skin cells begin. Patent-Pending Technology.

A/Q Skin Solutions
Erase signs of aging and environmental damage with GF-technology. This highly active serum contains stem cell derived growth factors to renew skin and accelerate skin cell regeneration.

Although your skin’s natural processes that repair damage and keep it looking youthful become less efficient over time, you can return your skin cell functions to a younger state with Active Serum. This concentrated blend of the same growth factor proteins found in healthy, young skin plus anti-aging antioxidants stimulates collagen production (essential for firm skin), activates the skin’s natural regeneration capabilities, and fights free radical damage that causes premature aging. The GF-technology stimulates skin cells to repair damage that has accumulated over the years, such as sun/age spots and wrinkles, with the efficiency of young, healthy skin cells.

Daily use of Active Serum will produce a firmer, smoother complexion with brighter, more even skin tone, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and reduced or eliminated sun/age spots and hyperpigmentation. The surface of skin is moisturized for an instant plumping and smoothing effect. The pure, non-greasy formula has a clean smell and will not clog pores or irritate sensitive skin.