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We are super excited to announce our new Dermalinfusion facial at Forever Javoon New York! This non-invasive skincare treatment is a true game-changer in your regimen.

Let’s get to it…What is Dermalinfusion?

This is an amazing non-invasive medical-grade facial treatment. The dermalinfusion device has 3 main functions that will bring you the glowing skin we all dream of.

  1. Sucks up dead skin and dirt to remove impurities from your skin
  2. Exfoliates
  3. Infuses your skin with customized serums.

Why is ever obsessed with this treatment?

Well… first things first…who wouldn’t want a customized serum to revitalize their skin? Our aesthetician will create the perfect serum to use during your treatment that best fits your skin type. We love the combination of exfoliation and infusiuon because the product used during your treatment will more effectively penetrate your skin.

Result based treatment

At Forever Javoon, we love to see results. The dermalinfusion facial is super hydrating, creating more volume in your skin for those picture perfect selfies. You may also notice improved fine lines, wrinkles and improvements to any hyperpigmentation.