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For your convenience, the most commonly asked questions are answered right here.
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Q: Does it hurt?

A: While they are needles in the face, they are small and depending on the area being injected I do numb you. A number of the fillers used also have lidocaine added into them further helping numb the pain.

Q: How long does it last?

A: That all depends on what product is used and your metabolism. If you look at my product list I include the average length of lasting in my descriptions.

Q: Will my face look worse/more droopy after the products fade?

A: No. The injections will no cause you to look no worse than before once they fade. If anything, they defy gravity and if kept up with over time will improve how you look.

Q: Am I going to look fake or drastically different?

A: No. My approach is natural and I believe that less is more. I start with the minimal amount of product necessary for your face because I can always add more if needed. I also believe in keeping a little bit of movement in the face in order to keep things looking more natural.

Q: One of my eyebrows is a bit higher than the other, will it stay like that?

A: Neurotoxins (Botox/Xeomin/Dysport) cause some lifting and most people do naturally have one brow that is higher than the other to begin with. While I do try and account for this difference, Botox can accentuate it. Generally no extra added Botox is needed and in about 3 weeks after injection it settles out.

Q: Is there down-time afterwards; do I need to take time off work?

A: No. With neurotoxins and fillers you will have to keep your head upright for 3 hours afterwards. With fillers, you will need to avoid heat (tanning, sauna, steam room) for about 5 days. I recommend no rigorous exercise for 24 hours. The only procedure I do that may leave you looking like you have had something done is the peel. It will take about a week for the peel to generate beautiful new skin.

Q: What product do you use most?

A: Neurotoxins since they last less than the fillers and also because most all of us have wrinkles as well as areas we would like lifted.

Q: Will I be allergic to the products?

A: While there is a possibility of being allergic to anything, the chances are very low with my procedures. Main side effects are swelling and bruising, which subside in a couple of days to a week.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: My goal is to provide you with a look that you are happy with, but due to the nature of the business and use of products, refunds are not possible. Together we can come up with a solution though based on the treatment had and results obtained. The products used are considered medicines and being that each person’s body is different results cannot be guaranteed and do vary person to person.